Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drake Anthony Gee

Our sweet little boy has entered the world! Drake Anthony Gee was born onAugust 19,2011 at 8:46pm. He weighed 8.1 oz and was 20inches long with LOTS of hair! He is such a sweet joy in our lives. Here are some pictures of our first 5 days home... (the one is in the hospital)

The links are to previews of the awesome pictures we had taken. The photographer is amazing!!

and take 2...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

B is for Baby BOY!!!

Well it is about time that i actually post, LOL. By now most all of you know we are expecting our first baby!!! Yay!! We just found out on April 8th that we are having a BOY!!! We are so stoked for our lil guy to come. Aaron at first was a bit sad because he REALLY wanted a girl first however I REALLY wanted a boy and i got it. :) I have always wanted a boy first when i had children. I am posting a couple of pictures from my phone until my camera starts to work again. The first is of our baby with his arms up by his face the second is him telling us its a boy. :)

The story....
So Aaron has wanted to have a family forever and i have been pretty scared. Looking forward to it just really nervous to try. I told him we can try after our Disneyland trip just in case i get sick during pregnancy. Well Disneyland came and went and he said you told me we can try so the one time i think i will be safe i get pregnant. WOW can we say fertile? I had no idea I was pregnant. We were redoing our basement for our renters and up till 6 am many nights and i thought i was sick from lack of sleep and stress. I took a test and it said negative so i still thought it was just stress. 5 days later I had fallen asleep on the floor in the basement while Aaron was working outside on the shelfs. I woke up and just felt like i needed to take a test again and it showed positive. I ran out of the bathroom yelling 'Aaron, I'm pregnant!' We couldnt believe it. I took 7 test until Aaron said, 'have you ever had a positive result' I said no, so he said 'if you had 7 positive in a row I am pretty sure that is positive.' So needless to say we are pregnant. We are SUPER happy about it and nervous all at the same time.
I have been SUPER sick. 2 sets of Kidney stones, Extreme morning sickness ( ALL DAY), IV therapy... You name it i swear i have had it. As Whitney says everything they say is possible to get when being pregnant i feel i have experienced. I just tell myself it is going to all be worth it. My home has been neglected in cleaning but it is exciting to get things ready for a new addition. So i have not posted on the past holidays because i have been so sick and nothing too exciting is happening but i will try to be better. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

D is for Disneyland!!!

Yes, that is correct! We had the oppurtunity to go down to California and go to Disneyland and California Adventures for 5 days!! ( That is thanks to Ben and Cami for our tickets and room!!) We had such a blast!! Aaron and I decided why not make it a long vacation, because we were about due for one and a vacation we made it. :)
We started on Thursday September 30th after work at 5:00 and headed down to St. George for the night to see my grandparents. We stayed over night and the about 11:00 am on Friday morning we drove straight to Moreno Valley, CA, my old stomping grounds to see my Aunt and Uncle and where i grew up. It was so fun to see them! We went out to eat and caught up on life. Joylynn( my aunt) was SUPER sweet and threw us a party or get- together for all the aunts, uncles and cousins that have not seen each other in years to have a fun party and catch up. I LOVED it so much and missed everyone so much i want to do it more often. We had some awesome laughs and a fun walk down memory lane.
Sunday Aaron and I went and spent the day at Sea World. One of my favorite places because of Dolphins of course! It was a fun but tiring day! We then met up with Aaron's sister and her family at the hotel we would be staying in for the next week. We unpacked our stuff in our AWESOME suite with King bed and bath all to ourselves. His sister and brother in law really treated us well!! We are ever so grateful to them.
So... For the next 5 days we spent it having a BLAST!! We went from Disneyland to CA adventures and back again as many times as our bodies would let us. We would wake up before sun up (ONLY because her kids are EARLY risers) and dropped about midnight every night! I do not have clue where we got our energy! I assume it was from all the "magic" of Disneyland! Haha :)
We switched off nights with my in laws for nights out. So one night they would go out on a date then the next night was our turn. We loved our trip! We spent nights at the parks, Bubba Gumps, Hot tubbing etc... The weather was perfect for the most part. Three of the days it rained but that was great because line waits were minimal, the next few days lines were SUPER busy ( for this time of year) and waits were no fun! :)
Aaron and i decided to make an even bigger trip out of it and hit up Vegas on the way home for the night... Well... Lets just say Aaron got SUPER sick. Food poisoning we believe. We stopped by to say goodbye to my family down there and then drove to Vegas and went to Mandalay Bay and visited the Shark Reef. I enjoyed myself as Aaron was not doing so super. We decided to cut our Vegas trip short so he could get some rest. I was SUPER tired of driving and so we ended up getting dinner in Mesquite and staying the night there. We drove home Sunday and got home about two in the afternoon, picked up our dog, unpacked and relaxed from our Vacation.
Monday I had the day off for the state holiday and just enjoyed myself. That is 11 1/2 days of pure FUN!! I could not have asked for anything better. I rarely see Aaron with how hard he works so being able to spend that many days with him made me feel like we were dating all over again! I LOVED IT!!
We are EVER so GRATEFUL to Ben and Cami for making this trip possible for us! We loved it and loved hanging out with them and the kids! We love you guys and once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lia Sophia

My sister in law wants to start selling Lia Sophia Jewelry. So i am hosting a party for her at her house. I am inviting anyone who would like to come. It is on...
September 29,2010 at 7:00 pm in Mapleton. I can get you more information if you are interested.
I KNOW people say it is too expensive, BUT they have AWESOME sales (like this month is buy 2 get 4 half off- you can 'buy' the two cheapest things and get the expensive things half off.) You can even make your order btwn a few people to save money that way.
It should be fun, so please come support her if you can.
Let me know if you will make it.
Thanks or 435-760-0364(call or txt)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day weekend

We had such a blast this weekend. To start it off Friday night we laid our very last tile for the basement shower. Man, that took lo
ng enough- like six months to finish. Really only 3 days if you are only counting the days we actually had time to work on it. :) We then met Aaron's brother and his family along with Kyle out to the Sand dunes for some four wheeling, camping and paint ball. It was SO fun! I enjoyed the four wheeling, Aaron LOVED the paint ball!
We packed up on Monday afternoon and came home to clean up so that we can head over to the Christensen's for some more holiday fun. We carpooled with the Dix family there for a BBQ. It was a small, yet fun group. We really enjoyed ourselves and seeing everyone. We ate and chatted it up. It was a great time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mmm... Beef Stew

We are COMPLETELY out of dog food! Aaron today while working was going to stop at the store and pick some up. However he called saying he will be working late and i did not think twice about it. The dogs started whining and tipping their bowls. I remembered i needed to feed them (wonderful owner i am, i know) and realized i have no food. So i went to the pantry and they now had a wonderful high class meal of beef stew! LOL. I know you would think i would just go to the store and get another bag, but hey- it worked. They are content for now and they never get human food, so what a delight for them. Aren't they lucky. :) Some of you think i might be horrible, however it was pretty funny because it stained Jack's hair. Mojo is black you cant see it. I am sure deep inside they are saying THANK YOU MOM! YOU ROCK! :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The new do and new location

So my hair is at the grow out stage and i really wanted to cut it because the grow out stage is that annoying stage where it never works and looks sloppy all the time. Well since i want to try a little bit longer to grow it out, i decided to try something a little more drastic for me. I showed Debi what i wanted and i got it :) It is crazy and different, but i am liking the change. (pictures below)
The next new thing in my life is starting Wednesday i will be working in Provo! Yay! The Orem District Court is closing so that Orem city can open up a city court or justice court, therefore we all are transfering around to different locations. I originally was told i am going to Spanish Fork which btw is BEAUTIFUL, but was able to trade with a girl currently working in Provo who lives that way. I was very grateful. It is a 3 min drive (only 1.2 miles) from my house and it will be wonderful! I do however have the chance for promotion if i go to American Fork, but do not think it is worth it at this time, so YAY for Provo!
*most people ask me is the court closing because they are bankrupt or budget cuts. The answer is NO. Each city has to have some form of a court and if the city chooses not to then the state moves in to cover until they decide they want the revenue. (why it seems the police write more citations in that city) They also have a county justice court to help out as well. Anyways... The city now wants that revenue so the state moves out of the way. The state eventually wants on one court house on the north end of the valley- that is way in the future.